Reflection: The Global Image

My professional work fits in easily as it is used by various clients over the globe I think the one main thing that challenged me Is how my personal work fitted into the global image. this is the area that I want to move into, it helps to know how my work fits. I was also challenged by trying to articulate my point, verbally and whilst writing this, this is an area I need to work on quite a lot.

Published on the 30th September 2019

I was surprised by how the work I had shown was received so well, and it had already started the process of me moving away from my professional work, by using another process such s film.

I have learnt that my knowledge of global image is not necessarily what I thought it was.  I now have a better understanding of the overall image of global image. The work I submitted in this section could be seen as confrontational. With the whole dilemma of shooting people in a situation that they may not be happy with and them giving consent.

This can be a big issue with photographing on the streets.  I also learnt that the aesthetics of my images are in a good place to help me move away from the commercial side of the industry and that I have good attunement to the environment and portraiture.