The Global Image and my Practice

I started thinking about what is meant by the meaning of the global Image and what myself and people think this will mean? Is this how people see photography, how they see an image, or how photography affects the global masses?

Published on the 26th September 2019

The first thing that came to mind. Is to use images that I shoot for work, as its part of the evil advertising industry which usually end up at almost every place on the earth. The main reason for me doing the MA is to move away from this area of my photography.

As I thought more about the idea, the main thing that kept coming to my mind is around the global censorship of photography, war photography, documentary photography through to self-censorship of social media images. 

This led me to think of how censorship is caused naturally in images, this can be from people and objects being censored by many different things, shadows, hands, people, silhouettes, reflections, buildings. Which it brought me to the images I have chosen of people being obscured or obscuring themselves (censoring if you like) in the images.

All images have been shot on 120 film