Activity: The View from Your Window

We were set the task of taking a photograph from our window, then thinking about what the image what the might say about you - your situation; your photography; or your interests more generally.

Published on the 23rd September 2019

I took a little while to think of what relationship this image has to me, my situation, my photography and my interests.
The photo is taken from the loft room in my previous house, as I have just moved.
Growing up in Bristol, I have always thrived in and around cities. Having moved from city to city a fair bit before settling in Brighton, UK. Most of the time I enjoy the connection with people in the cities, but there are times where I just love to slip into the background and observe the world unfold around me. I feel this is a process that a lot of people/photographers do from time to time.
I see this the slightly obscured view of the outside world through the lower part of the window. That you can see and take part within the world but you also have the option just to step into the blur of the world going by.
Another thing I keep getting from this picture is that that top window needs a good clean. 🙂