Activity: Photography and other disciplines

I have chosen to look at light painting photography and how it has a relationship and influence from painting. Light painting was first created in 1889 by Étienne-Jules Marey and Georges Demeny. Over the years several painters, such as Picasso, Matisse, Mathieu have turned their hand to light painting. I’m particularly looking at the light painter Jason D Page.

Published on the 2nd October 2019

I first found Jason’s work a few years ago, when I was a practising light painter, I was mainly drawn to his Icons series. In this series, he recreates famous icons in the pop art printing style of Andy Warhol.


Page, J. (2011) Hendrix.  [Online]. Available from: (Links to an external site.) Link (Links to an external site.)

Jason uses a mixture of techniques with light to create his work, these techniques are freehand light painting and stencil blocking and glass light layering. The process of these techniques is used within various styles of painting, stencil art and graffiti. 

More images from the series can be found here