Project reflection and development, part three

The Bonfoton lense is Outstanding.

Published on the 26th October 2019

Having made a decision that the project is “The world within my world: Peoples relationship to the outside, It is giving me much more time to actually focus on the creating of the imagery. I feel that this is where I work best, In the development of the technical side of the photography.

Technical development

Before I get into the praise of the Bonfoton lens, I still tested with just the pinhole in tinfoil. Which I feel does give a different feel to the final image than the Bonfoton does.

The set up is still mainly using tinfoil at the time, It is pretty quick depending on window size and condition around. It does keep the light out really well. I had made door covers out of bin bags due to the blackout material not actually being that great at keeping the light out.

At this moment I have made three, I think its a better option, than waisting tinfoil or more black bags. I’m trying to make it a little bit of a greener process, and not wasting what I am using which is still happening at this point.

Kieron: Test shoot 2

I went back again to my friend Kieron as I really want to capture him in his child’s room as I just love the colours and the feel of the room.

The World within my world project “Children at heart

Home test: Two

One hour one minute, iso 100, f16

As mentioned, the projection was made by an f16 size pinhole and the image was left to develop over two hours and twenty-eight minutes. Shot on a Canon 5D mrk3 iso 100, f20. Kieron sat there for the last ten minutes of the capture, where I painted him in with torchlight. This is still causing the ghosting effect, due to the sitter not being in the image for long enough. The Bonfoton lens may be able to solve this problem and the time of the exposure.

Wow! What to say this lens works wonders, it has cut the exposure time by an unbelievable amount. Even at Thirty seconds at iso 100, f16 the image is clear and vivid. It is simple to install and the clarity of the images is outstanding. The above test shots have shown me that I should hopefully be able to capture people and the projects in less than the time I have been shooting in so far.

More test is needed to be sure.