Project reflection and development, part two.

The last few weeks I have been focusing on shooting images and developing the concept.

Published on the 21st October 2019

I have managed to do two test shots over the past few weeks and research into different areas where this project could focus in.

I have been researching a few possible areas for the direction of this project, People’s relationship to the world, Abandoned builds and their relation to the surroundings and agoraphobia and how agoraphobics see the world outside. They are all based on the same underlying idea, the use of the outer space within a space.

The world within your world: Peoples relationship to the outside

This concept would be shooting people in a room in their home and possibly asking them questions about how they feel they fit into the outside world.

Abandoned buildings and their relation to the surroundings.

This concept would be shooting in larger spaces of abandoned buildings, using the scaled-up area would use the integration of the inner world of the building and the projection of the outer world in a different way than the other two project ideas. This would be more around how the projection fits into the scene, rather than the relation of the subject.

Agoraphobia and how agoraphobics see the world outside

A Concept of people dealing with agoraphobia and what effects it has everyday life.

Having done research into all three project ideas, I feel that “the world within your world: Peoples relationship to the outside” is the most prevalent one at this time. I still need to workout if i will be asking people questions. The other two will take a longer period of time to set up. Saying this I will definitely be looking into both more in-depth during this project.

Test Shoots and Technical development

I started out this project idea wanting to shoot on film, to draw me away from the digital world I work within. I have decided that I would be better off Shooting this on digital due to the exposure time and the time duration of the project. I will, where possible use film alongside digital in this project.

After my preliminary test in my own room last week. I have been looking into focal length. Which is something that will need to be accessed if shooting with a lens again? The past two test shots have been using the pinhole made in tinfoil method, roughly around f16.

This may change over the process of the project. I have been in contact with Bonfoto . They have very kindly offered to send me a lens to test in exchange of use of images that are created with the lens. Their lens focuses best around three meters, So will need to work out shots and locations before use.

fig 1:Bonfoton focal length chart

Over the past few weeks, I have been doing test shoots, That have worked and not worked. This is the early phase of this project and that is what I am expecting.

Kieron: Test shoot one

Setting up and making the room pitch black took about an hour. (which will vary from location to location) I have tried different methods of doing this, Binbags, tinfoil, blackout material. Each has its own pros and cons. I am still working on which is the best and quickest to set up.

This test shoot seemed to be a complete failure due to the camera not capturing anything, a waste of two and a half hours. The only capture was on my phone.

Phone capture, 30 seconds

Jason: Test shoot two

The setup process took a lot longer as there were more windows and the two rooms were open plan with no doors. This took around one and a half hours even though I had prepped black bags the night before.

I feel the quickest way to do the darkening of the room set up maybe with pre-stuck together bin bags and masking tape. Then the bags will not get damaged from using gaffer tape and should be resuseable. I will test this in my next set up.

The overall shot work, but I have learnt that fewer items on the walls of the space which is beings used is best, meaning the projected image can be more clearly seen. Also whilst lighting people it may be better to get them to sit for longer and light them in a darker area of the image, this is still a work in progress.

Both of the above images were shot on f18 100 iso first was a one hour exposure and the second was two hours on a very sunny day. My previous test shoot the fstop was set at f22 and exposed for two and a half hours.

I can definitely shorten the exposure time by lowering the fstop, I would not want to go below f16 and I’m am just unsure if this will make the quality of the projected image less or a shorter exposure? Obviously the longer the exposure the lighter it lets in the brighter the projection. It’s working out that the room is not bleached out in the rest of the images. It may take a couple more tests to work the fstop out for the weather conditions, I feel that I have a great starting point from the last few shoots.

I feel I may try shooting tethered into Capture One, But still unsure as of yet.

Still, having a lot to work out on this project, I feel there is more of a definite direction. which is a good starting point.


Fig 1. Screenshot of Bonfoton focal length chart taken by Author from Bonfoton website, 2019. Bonfoton,Faq,