Reflection: Interdisciplinary practice

I found this week’s task very hard. Trying to relate my work to other practices. I overthought this task so much my brain would not allow me a clearer picture of the overall task at hand. Which made me think about the context of the question in the wrong way, not explaining how light painting was an interdisciplinary practice.

Published on the 7th October 2019

What my peers related to my work, it was viewed as a with dark undertones. Having not thought about any of my light painting to have that underlying context before. It was interesting to have these views from other people.

After the webinar, I have come away with more of a clear view of my work, and how it relates to other disciplines such as storytelling, constructive narrative and also delves into other realities. I always have wondered what the underlying story is behind the people in my photography at that very moment.  I feel this is something that I can bring into my ongoing projects.  Learning not to be crippled by other thinking seems to be an ongoing theme at this moment. I am going to start producing new work in the area I am to work towards and see how this unfolds, and how this will help me with direction and the overthinking.