Reflection: Collaboration

This week's micro project enabled me to work with two very creative peers. Jasmine Murray and Matthew Durrant.

Published on the 19th October 2019

We explored the abstract relationship between light and refraction encompassing a “kaleidoscope of colours”. Drawing influence from colour theory, in particular, the theory of analogous colours and the psychological effects and feelings of colours the outcomes evoke an emotional response.

This gave me a chance to revisit my old practice of light painting, which I have not done properly in six years. I working with Jasmine and Matthew helped me focus my creative process into a different area, by relating my work to the colour theory and downsizing the scale from what I would have normal painted at.

It also allowed me to create and build new styles of light painting, like actually making my own version of a kaleidoscope from things around the house.

The process of the project was very straight forward and we created images that related to each other well. This process is something that I may or may not bring into my main project. I am unsure of this at the moment.

I have chosen to review James Shenton and Andy Findlay’s micro project.

“We decided to create a portrait of each other that represented our position within our current teaching careers, where we have been, where we are now and where we see our futures.”

James Shenton

For me the things that stood out in both of the images is the use of location, how its the same place but has been made to look very different in both Andy’s and James photographs. The context of how they both see each other’s teaching careers and other practices.

James’s photography of Andy has the use of multiexposure to give the feeling of numerous Andy’s. I feel this relates to that Andy has much going on in his life, teacher, wedding photographer, football coach, father and the MA.

Whilst Andy’s photography of James it feels very calm and controlled. Which brings across how and perceives James

“I understand James to be an individual who succeeds with process and order and I feel that this is reflected in his portrait”

Andy Findlay

Well done gents, I really enjoyed your outlook of this project.

You can find Both James and Andy’s Blog posts below.


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