Reflection: (week 5) Responsibilities

This week was a busy week.

Published on the 26th October 2019

I have not had time to contribute to the online forums as of yet, I spent most of the time drafting and recording my presentation, for Thursday’s draft presentation. I hope I will get time to contribute before they close.

The first draft of the presentation was not as bad as I thought it was, Jesse said it was the best-paced of all the peers in that group. I already knew that it would need a re-draft, but this is part of the process of having the draft presentation and learning what more you should add or remove from what you have created. I am still in need of adding the video to the voice-over, which I will start work on this week and also re-record the voice over so its a little less tried sounding. I think I have a good starting point.

The drafting of the presentation definitely challenged me and the recording was even hard still. After the session with Jesse, I was advised to do the recording in sections rather than a whole, this would make it sound better. After the re-draft, I will try this style of process.

Ethically in the practice, I am moving into could be a little tongue in cheek, this is very depending on if I head into the realm of agoraphobia and how agoraphobics relate to the world. I guess this is not an area that is cover by people that much? I feel it is good to express peoples views on things that are not necessarily talked about or known much about. I am still researching into if this would be possible. I feel it would be a very strong project. But at this point, I am unsure how to get in touch with people who are agoraphobic.

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