Work in Progress

For the research project, I have been looking at the theme of scenes within scenes.

Published on the 12th October 2019

I will be focusing the project around camera obscura. The camera obscura creates a backdrop for the internal scene. I still don’t really know the overall direction of this project. It could be a social relation to the areas or the people within it?  I need to start shooting to see where the process takes me.

I have been researching into the technical process of the camera obscura and sourcing locations.  Over the past week, I have collated as much information as I can find about development time for capturing the projected image, as I am shooting on 4×5 film.  My research has introduced me to a variety of photographers and artist who use camera obscura in lots of different ways. I have no images to show at this moment, I am doing a test shoot Saturday.   

In a way, this keeps with a concept I have been working with for a while “Through the window”. With a twist of being able to view the exterior at the same time. I have had ideas of working with people with the interior scenes, just unsure how I can make this happen with the duration of exposures. The introduction of people could be done the same as light painting people into an image, again will need to test this approach.

Whilst researching the camera obscura I have found a variety of photographers and artists who use it in many different ways. Vera Lutter, Chris Fraser – light installations, Brendan Barry, Zoe Leonard- available light

Influences in relation to my direction of a scene within a scene have been Robyn Stacey- Ray of light, Marja Pirila – interior/exterior. I have been very inspired by Abe Morell’s work. (Images attached)


I have been looking at a lot of different kinds of locations which will have an overall effect of what direction the project goes in.

Disused and derelict buildings

Landmarks – Brighton Pavillion and palace pier

Rooms within people’s houses 

Image Source:  Morell,A,1997,Times-Square-in-Hotel-Room,photography,accessed October 2019,< (Links to an external site.)/>

Image Source: Morell,A,1996,Manhattan-View-Looking-West-in-Empty-Room,photography,accessed October 2019 < (Links to an external site.)/>

Image Source: Morell,A,1991,Houses-Across-the-Street-in-Our-Living-room,photography,accessed October 2019,< (Links to an external site.)/>