Jack Latham’s “Sugar Paper Theories” Exhibit and Panel Discussion

Saturday 16th November 2019, we had our first face to face group event. It was great to meet everyone who was there

Published on the 18th November 2019

The exhibition and panel were very inspirational. I had not had much introduction to Jack Latham’s work before this event. The creation of joining imagery from the crime scene and Jack’s own work was very unique. The way he found the story originally was by chance, telling me that sometimes these things just fall into your lap. Not in any way belittling what Jack has done as its absolutely amazing. It’s more when you’re looking at something or researching things, sometimes other more powerful things appear. This has happened when I have been doing my research for “A world within my world” I have opened up areas that I would not have found if not doing the research. I am learning that research is key, without the research there really is no context to any project.