Reflection: (week 6-7) Methods and Strategies

For me, these two weeks were mainly concentrated on the presentation.

Published on the 9th November 2019

Its been a full on two weeks, lots going on the forums, which I have been partaking in, but mainly concentrating on getting the presentation ready and completed. The first draft was very hard as I was still trying to find context in my research project. By the time of the mock presentation, I had just managed to do the voice recording without any visuals. At the presentation, Jesse said this was an original way of presenting it as most people never just have audio. What I came away with after the presentation, is that I needed to obviously add the imagery, also needed to bring context to my present work.

This has come from a tutorial with Paul, where he introduced me to Sarah Kofman’s book – Camera Obscura Of Ideology, specifically the second chapter ‘Freud – The photographic apparatus’. I have read and re-read this section and the projection of the unconscious into the physical is what I am trying to create with my camera obscura images. I have started to think about how this can be created in more focus within my ongoing work.

On the forums, we were asked to upload and image that fell under the category of Faux Pas. This being something that had gone wrong whilst taking or developing the image but had added to the images aesthetics.

I chose the below image.

This was a complete faux pas in development. It was a street scene shot on Provia 100f  120 film, which I then mistakenly developed as a normal colour film.  During the scanning of the film, the images came out very over coloured and vibrant.  

I love it for two reasons for making the positive that it would have been into a negative and it reminds me of the start of Bowie’s ashes to ashes music video. 

Micro Project:

We were also asked to do a micro project.

For this micro project we were asked to team up with a peer and create a brief for each other, then to go and shoot the brief. Jacy and I teamed up.

Brief from Myself to Jacy.

Brief 29/10/2019

Hi Jacy,

Here is the outline of the brief. Create a scene within a scene on the streets by use of double exposure within the camera. It is totally up to you if you want to capture people or architecture or a mixture of both and how you go about creating these images if you are using flash or just trying to use a dark and light comparison or overlay. It would be good to get a set of at least four images.

Here are a couple of photographers to inspire you.

Edward Steichen – early double exposure

Charalampos Kydonakis – double exposure using flash

I can’t wait to see what you create.


Jacy’s brief to me

Hi Justin,

Your brief for this micro project is to create at least 1 portrait, 1 scene and a third setup of your choice by “painting in” the light. The aim is to illustrate the detail of your subject. How you achieve your results is up to you, so you cab be as abstract or as creative as you feel is necessary.

The idea was inspired by photographer, Darren Jew, who featured in the Netflix series, “Tales by Light” Season 1, Episode 1. Darren photographed a 70 year old biplane wreck underwater, in the dark, by painting in the details of the scene using long exposure and a torch.

Enjoy and good luck.

Both of our briefs were based in the city of Brighton

Below are Jacy’s images from the brief I set

I feel that Jacy did a very good job, even though she was not able to get her camera to do a double exposure, the images were overlayed in photoshop. with a very pleasing outcome.

Below are my images from the brief I was set by Jacy

The brief was amazing, I thoroughly enjoyed going out and shooting with a torch again. Lighting only buildings is something I have never done before but it took me back to the days when I used to go light painting all the time, trying to create the unreal within the real world. I feel I managed to create the detail within the image that Jacy had set in the brief. This brief has made me think of ways I could incorporate more light painting into my current project. I am currently lighting people with a torch so they are more pronounced within the shots.

Michelle commented on the forum for me to look at Brassai’s night work. I had not seen these before and they are something that I would like to try in my style but with film instead of digital, which my micro project shots were taken on.

Final reflections:

I handed my presentation on Sunday afternoon as I feel I could go as far as I could with it. I added more references and built up my critical analysis of my research project. I was surprised that my first draft was pretty close to finishing. I have added a lot more to it as I wanted to be the best I could create. I have learned that I am capable of writing a brief for someone else to use. This has been the first time to be that side of a brief.

I am glad that I have gotten up to speed with the past two weeks as it has been hard but I have managed to work all of it together.

I need to get more shooting for the research project and portfolio as my past two weeks I have not had time and I can only shoot on weekends. This coming weekend I will be in Bristol, That will make it three weeks without shooting, I feel that I will come back to that side of the project with more of an idea of what I am actually creating.