Reflection: (week 8) Contexts & Audiences

This week we have been asked to construct an online portfolio.

Published on the 17th November 2019

I created the portfolio as a hidden page on my work website, as it is something that I already use.

After the peer review, I feel there are areas of my portfolio that could be changed for the better. Such as making the images bigger size and possibly adding text to images.( I have looked into making images larger, WordPress is currently having issues with doing this on my website, the research, and problem-solving continues) I’m still unsure about the text, but this will develop with the next set of shoots I am doing over the coming weeks.

Looking at Abe Morell’s website, he has the style of which I am looking for my final portfolio, with larger images as the thumbnails. There is also text with the images and more context on the main folio page. This is what I would like to add to the final portfolio to give it more meaning.

The areas I have found hard this week is time management mainly, due to work constrictions. I have missed webinars and guest speakers the past few weeks, I am trying to work on this. I feel like I am playing catch up a little in these areas. I need to work this out as I feel this is really important and I should try and make it to both of these or find time to catch up on them.