Reflection on PHO701

It has been an eye-opener for sure.

Published on the 30th December 2019

My overall outcome from the past few months is that I still have a far way to go. I have taken a fair bit from the course so far, but need to start focusing on the academic side more.

I feel my project is getting more direction but not quite where it should be at this point in time, which being honest is fairly worrying. I’m hoping this will come in the next module or I’m going to be a little stuck.

My technical side of the project has definitely progressed the most, I have spent a lot of time working out the ins and outs of the camera obscura and what will be the best way to capture the projection of the image. I want to use film more in the next module as this is what I had planned to begin with.

I have to be able to produce more imagery which has been hard in the winter months due to weather and it getting dark earlier and working 5 days a week, only leaves me weekends to shoot.

My final note would be that I need to try and make more time for the course, which again is something that I am finding hard