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PHO702 Informing Contexts

Published on the 26th January 2020

With my current practice of a world with my world use of camera obscura. Which is based around exploring how the exterior world has an unconscious influence on people’s daily life.

Photography and the exterior world have an unconscious influence on how people function within everyday life. This effect can be seen in the home environment and our surroundings, have a powerful physical, practical, emotional, psychological and spiritual, which all creep into the everyday subconscious.

This project aims to look into the area of how the outside world effects an unconsciously effects the person in their homestead, by projecting an image of the outside via a camera obscura in that person’s favourite/most used room in whilst the sits within the room.  

I have mainly been working on the technical side of the project and ironing out exposure times, lens positioning to create the projection. My work to date has been heavily inspired by photographers such as Abelardo Morell for his use of the camera obscura and the used space within the image. 

The overall aesthetics of the imagery I have produced I feel fits with what I’m am trying to create, but I am wanting to make the images even more personal to the sitter in the image.

Adding portraits with the projection falling over the sitter is one area I want to explore more.

I have been looking at adding props or making the shots more posed in a way that has more meaning to the sitter. in the way to add to the constructed reality of the overall images, in a similar style to how the artist Milan Kune, who uses props to get a strong political point across.  These may be close up shots of the items that mean something to the sitter in the main image.

I have also thought about working with people who are housebound, older people, people with agoraphobia was my first thought (I have found this hard to find contact down this path) but I feel this is a very strong direction to take this project into.  I have also been think of expanding Into the area of carers and the people they care of.  Lucy Howell Brighton B.A student has done a wonderful project called “ The diary of a care girl”  Which touches a little on the area I was thinking of taking this project into.

For the images, I would ask the carer to stand outside of the window where the camera obscura has been set up so they are being projected into the space where the person they are caring for is sitting, In my mind, this would have ad to the relationship of the sitter and the carer, This is a thought process at the moment and I would like to work more within this area over the next module I need to work more on the underlying context of where the project is going.  More reading on the actual subject matter as this is something, I have tried to do over the last module, but found it hard to actually hone my idea 100%. I feel my idea is changing slightly but I’m not quite sure of where it is going again.  Over this module I want to focus on this much more, I will be reading mostly and trying to contextualize where the progression of my project is going.

Then this project would have more power and meaning behind what I have previously done in the last module.

I am going to use medium format film in the next step of the project, as this was originally planned to shoot film at the start, but due to the technical process at the start, I opted for digital.



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