Change of direction

As mentioned in previous posts, I have been thinking of using tableaux more within my work.

Published on the 17th February 2020

I feel this may be the only option for this part of the project, Due to the lack of contact I have had back from people who are housebound, including the email I sent to the Blind veteran’s center. Who I have contacted again. Will have to see if anything amounts from the email.


After talking with Steph in a one 2 one, it might be the best approach to actually create a fully fabricated scenario within this part of the project. I have been thinking about this concept, I could even use the same person throughout all the images like Cindy Sherman does in her work. It could be based in the same building or even the same room?

I have also been thinking how this will affect the overall portfolio, I had planned on added text from the sitters, I do have contact with a couple of people who are housebound and are willing to sit for me. I guess I can use segments of the interviews I do with them as the text for the images. Or this is something that can also be fabricated or taken from areas of research into the relationship housebound people and the outside world. This is an area that I’m still exploring.

I have run a couple of test of the feel of the look of the shot, What kind of aesthetics I want the photographs to have. I have done some test shots with, out of date Fujifilm FP100C.

Unfortunately, the test’s did not come out that well, due to the film being old and smelt of curry? I do like the feel of (fig3). Even if a little dark, It gives a great slightly washed out feel to the image, which I like and it make the image grittier. I set these shot up by using two tungsten house lamps and a 6ft x3ft white bounce reflector. Look at the images again I think that is enough light to get that slightly washed out aesthetic I am thinking about creating.

I have purchased a few backs of Polaroid 100 ID which has an even more washed effect and some 120 Kodak Ektachrome 64T. As I want to see what happens if I am shooting in a largely tungsten light scenario but with natural blue light coming in from the windows. I feel this could add a great mixture of colour to the images, which I can always coordinate the location and items with the location.

I like this concept and now need to start creating it to see if it works.


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(fig1, fig2, fig3) Hopes, J, 2020, Fujifilm FP100C tests, Uploaded by author