I have known Drew for a few years and seen him go through different stages of being housebound.

Published on the 23rd February 2020

Going from not being able to leave the house from agoraphobia and depression and having to just get out of the house to do things so he is able to make his brain make sense of why he has been stuck in this situation. He used to deliver yachts and sail all over the world and was a Motorbike driving instructor before he became unable to leave the house.

I contacted Drew a while ago about the project as I felt he would be a great person to talk to as well as photography and he might take something from the process as well as giving to the project.

(fig 1) interview with Drew

Drew has a lot to share with other people about, his situation and progression through it. I feel his relationship with the outside world fluctuates a fair bit. As anyone In this situation would do.

(fig 2)

Drew does get out fo the house a lot more at the moment, He is fixing his motorbike up which he says helps him focus on things that are outside of the house and helps him get out more.

Technical process:

With this shoot, I shot on digital and film, all tungsten as I feel it adds a depth to the photography. Even though the shots have a different feel fro the previous shoot I did with Jen this is due to more natural light. I am still looking into the colour grading process, as it would be good to have consistency throughout the body of work.

I also pushed the 120film from 100asa to 400asa as it was fairly dark today.

I have been trying to shoot on 120 polaroid, but have been having issues with the process and it is becoming expensive. I think I may stop this and just concentrate on the digital and 120 tungsten


(fig1,) Hopes, J, 2020, Drew – interview, Uploaded by author

(fig2,Hopes, J, 2020, Drew – Contact sheet, Uploaded by author

(fig3, fig4, fig5Hopes, J, 2020, Drew -stills, Uploaded by author