last night I met up with Jen

Published on the 19th February 2020

Jen had replied to a post that I had put on social media, saying that I was after people who are who had been housebound. We sat and talked about what I was trying to create and how being housebound had effected Jen. I recorded the whole interview. So, I can come back to it and break it down for use with the imagery.


I shot on the tungsten setting to try and draw the tungsten feel of the room out more in the photo. I also decided to use a mixture of natural and staged lighting, which has worked, but I’m feeling that I will just use the natural light of the room for the next shoot and possibly a fill-in flash or a bounce.

I also shot with Kodak 120 film 6×7 which will be developed when the film is finished. I was not that happy with the digital version, I have edited in photoshop to daw the tungsten out of the room a little more.

fig(2) is the unedited version and fig(5) is the edited version. I am looking to get more of a Wes Andeson colour palette and use of colour relation, with a slightly grittier feel to the image.


This is very much a concept that might not be added to this project, I am testing this at the moment. I will have to wait for the film to be developed before I can decide if it works with film. I am also going to shoot test on polaroid pull away film, which could add another element to the instant gratification of the shoots.


(fig1,) Hopes, J, 2020, Jen- interview, Uploaded by author

(fig2, fig3, fig4, fig5Hopes, J, 2020, Jen-stills, Uploaded by author

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