PH702: Informing context W1: Considering Szarkoski

After watching last week’s video both I really enjoyed reading Szarkowski and dipping into Shore a little, both have a large presence in where I am with my work at this moment in time.

Published on the 4th February 2020

Szarkowski mention’s relationship to the presence of reality,  also this quote from Shore stood out.

“You see a mental image – a mental construction – when you read this page or look at a photograph or anything else in the world”

(Shore, 1998, p.55)

I feel both relate to my photography and the way the exterior world can have an unconscious influence on how people function within everyday life.  

The Vantage point:  My images are a projection of the outside world, which can be perceived in by the sitter and the viewer in a very different way. The viewer is actually able to see both the relationship between the sitter and their personal surroundings and the project of their daily view.  Whilst the sitter see just a portion of the projected world over a period of time.

Constructed reality:  I have touched onto constructive reality a little with the sitter having items of importance surrounding them, such as the above image of Ian who is a musician and freelance artist, I am looking to take this further as the project progresses.