Photographer Research, part 2

The following photographers have been referred to me in tutorials, one to ones and conversations with peers.

Published on the 12th February 2020

Robert Adams – Twilight exhibit at the V&A

Adams is another photographer I know from my A-levels, but really never look at this exhibition. I like the minimalness of Adams’s work in this exhibition and the use of black and white.

I am also aware of everything being shot at night to create a darker feel to the overall exhibition, This is something I can possibly work into my project? By making rooms darker by drawing curtains or shooting in the evenings. which will add a different feel to the images than that of the brilliant daylight. I can also shoot in black and white which will add more contrast. Diane Arbus’s work has had me thinking about black and white as well.

Melanie ManchotMoscow Girls

Manchot’s examines the relationship between documentation and narrative within the portrait photograph of nine young women and their sound recorded stories. This appeals to me visually and the process has a massive relation to where I want to go with my project.

Manchot’s use of Image and sound is specifically interesting as I will be interviewing my sitters to add to the context and bringing understanding and meaning to how they are affected. I had not thought about how to present this properly yet, but the overlay of sound and image would work well, in an exhibition. I feel that Manchot’s use of location is also important within the images and the connection with the girls and backgrounds, even if they are unplanned. This could be something else I can use within my project.

Jim Goldberg

Goldberg’s work stood out to me as soon as I laid my eyes on it. The images are like a more detailed version of Tom Hunter’s ‘Holly Street Residents’ more close up and personal in away. Goldberg have made me think that I need some of this more candid and in close style in my project.

Goldberg has the greatest way of laying out his imagery amongst text on the page, overlay images over text, surrounding images with text. I would like to experiment with this style in my work as well. Goldberg’s compositions seem like they have been specifically made to fit on that exact page. This whole process would bring my work out more in the portfolio zine.


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