Photographer Research, part 3

The following photographers have been referred to me in tutorials, one to ones and conversations with peers.

Published on the 21st February 2020

Arnold Newman

Newman’s portrait work has always fascinated me. He is generally acknowledged as the pioneer of the environmental portrait, the way Newman manages to explore his subject, whilst using the surrounding location to draw the essence of his subject out and expressing what they do.

If my locations are good enough I can try a similar underlying theme with my subjects/sitters. I have already done this a little with the shoot with Jen. Who is a sculptor and had work dotted around the photograph I produced.

(fig 4)

I could work this more into the location or detailed shots of tools and so on dependent on the subject. But would this draw away from the context?

Gregory Crewdson

What can I say perfection of lighting, setting the narrative and scene. The use of natural light mixed with tungsten just works perfectly. The way each subject is posed but still looking very natural.

This is the feel I want for my work, I am going to try and start working in more of a mixture of tungsten and blue natural light, I feel that positioning subject in my work could work really well, this may draw away from the natural and the power of the subject being the performer and myself the viewer. Could both work together?

Katy-Grannan – Model American

I was advised to look at Granna’s ‘Model American’ find this book online or in a library, I have found very difficult. I managed to find a few images but not much context of the imagery.

I looked into Granna’s series ‘Poughkeepsie Journals’ which I believe has imagery from ‘Model American’ as part of the series. Granna’s work comes across as very staged, which express the narrative to the viewer. Of these tableau snapshots into complete strangers’ lives. I can see why I was advised to look at Granna’s work. I will have to research into ‘Model American’ more before I can make a decision on her overall work.


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