Next phase

I have decided to move in a slightly different direction

Published on the 9th February 2020

I am still looking into how the outside world has a relationship and effect on people. I am starting to find more direction. I am looking to move this project to the next phase over the next few weeks. I start introducing the side of the project the appeals to me the most at this moment, which is getting people involved who are unable to leave there house for whatever the reason may be, disability, old age, agoraphobia. I have been formalizing the first contact and looking at developing the photographic element, such as portraiture and tableaux.

I have made contact with Blind Veterans UK, Brighton branch, to see if any of the residents would fancy being part of the project.

Hopes, J. (2020). MA photography project. [].

I am currently awaiting a reply from Anna, I’m hoping this will work out as it would be good to get sitters who are in the same building, but if this does not come to fruition, I have other options that I am working out at this moment in time.

As stated in the email I will be shooting these in a different style than camera obscura, I feel this will allow me to explore the context of the project more than just sticking with the camera obscura.

I have been influenced by Tom Hunter’s book ‘ The Way Home’

Hunter, T. Rosen, M. 15 Oct. 2012. (The Way Home). 01 edition. Hatje Cantz. Germany.

Especially the ‘Holly Street’ collection. Where Hunter uses a mixture of tableaux and realism to construct the images.

I am already working tableaux into my work, I feel that removing the camera obscura element will give me a chance to take this project in a different direction. Not saying that this will be finite, but it is good to experiment with options within the context of the process.


Hopes, J, Sketchbook, 2020,

Hopes, J. (2020). MA photography project. [].

Hunter, T. Rosen, M. 15 Oct. 2012. (The Way Home). 01 edition. Hatje Cantz. Germany.