One 2 one 07/02/2020

My first one 2 one with Steph.

Published on the 7th February 2020

I have been thinking that I need to get as much context and insight into what I am trying to create. I thought as well as tutorials with my tutor it would be good to get as much perspective as possible.


  • Project moving more into mental health, experimenting with aesthetics of process and creation.

Ways of creating the best portfolio for my style of work.

  • Online portfolio – could work but is a little flat for the style of work I am trying to create.
  • A zine would work as its simple and it would work well with text from the sitter.
  • This could be videoed like a Walkthrough of the zine as Jörg Colberg does with Kaylynn Deveney’s ‘The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings’
  • I could either do the voiceover the top. Or use recordings of the sitters to work as a voiceover reading out the text.
  • More research into creating a zine before I can venture forward.

Areas of further research

Zed Nelson – Gun nation
Tom Hunter – Holly Street
Diane Arbus – Revelations


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