One 2 One 13/02/2020

Published on the 13th February 2020


  • Using natural light, because I normally work with flash this could be a new process and make my work more natural feeling.
  • Use Tungsten camera setting will change the effect of the exterior natural light and the light within the room(light bulb tungsten lighting)
  • Look into colour temperature could make this all one tone throughout, like a movie.
  • Use of narrative within work.
  • Contextualizing and the product of this
  • My shots could be full fiction/ do not have to necessarily have to use people who are not able to get outside.
  • One person could be used for all shots
  • The image can be a metaphor for the quote from the sitter

Areas of further research:

Greg Curdson – inside work(photography)

Greg Crewson


Crewson, G, 2014, The Basement, photography,[accessed February 2020]