One 2 one 19/02/2020

Published on the 19th February 2020


  • What am I trying to get across from the people sitting in my work?
  • Their performance – is a must.
  • They are the performer I am the viewer
  • What does this bring across of the sitter’s identity
  • What are the ethics behind this?
  • My intent is that the sitter takes most of the control.
  • I may move parts of the room around so it fits in which what I am trying to create, but will leave the sitter to be themselves
  • Will people make a judgment on what I am doing and how I am portraying people?
  • Yes, they will, but I am trying to show the true side of being housebound and possibly having a mental health condition that comes with being housebound for long periods of time.

Areas of further research:

Diane Arbus – what are her ethics behind her work.