Photographer Research

The following photographers have been referred to me in tutorials, one to ones and conversations with peers.

Published on the 8th February 2020

Zed Nelson’s – Gun Nation

“A portrait of a nation that has a population of 300+ million people—and a circulation of 300+ million guns”

Zed Nelson

The images look at the American gun culture, it has a behind the veil look into this world, showing the viewer people who are part of this world and the outcomes of the effect of the gun use in America.

The way Nelson explores the cause and effect is something that I can take to my work on how housebound people deal with not experiencing the outside world. Nelson’s use of looking further into a scene can also be used to add to the context of my work. For instance, shooting the belongings of my sitters.

Tom Hunter – Holly Street

Tom Hunter’s work has been referred to me on numerous occasions, ‘Holly Street residents’ has always stood out to me for the use of location within the location and how Hunter captures the way people react within and to that space.

I have also used a similar tableau style in previous camera obscura images that Hunter does. His use of combining both within Holy street, Is also something that I have been thinking of bringing into my work.

Diane Arbus – Revelations

I knew of Arbus for A-level photography, But she was someone who I found a little too in your face back then, with her images of marginalized people.

I now feel a lot different about Arbus’s work. Her work managed to get context and story across and an understanding of what happens outside of everyday people’s normal life.

I relate to Arbus and her work a lot more and I feel her style of work could well be an avenue that I take mine down. Whether this being me shooting in black and white or just making the whole process more personal to the sitter, which could help to draw the viewer in.


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