Reflection: PHO702: Week 2. The index and the icon.

I have always had an interest in understanding the photography if the viewer of a photograph is actually perceiving the image as the photographer had desired.

Published on the 7th February 2020

This made me very interested in Charles Sanders Peirce ‘Characteristic of Signs’.

  • Iconic – Looks like the subject that is it is representing
  • Indexical – Cause or relationship to the subject
  • Symbolic – Conventional yet arbitrary connection to the subject matter

I first found it difficult to breakdown the understanding of the meaning behind each one to being with. This did not help with the tasks set on the forums as I feel I did not grasp the means properly to start with as I could not see any of this in my images, I had created.

After having a webinar with Michelle and fellow peers it was brought to light form my peers and Michelle that my work does fall into the categories above. Indexically showing the viewer a trace of something that exists in the real world, which is not perceived as it would be normally. Whist using props within the space to relate to the room the projection is situated in. All of which are prominent in the image of Kieron below.

Hopes, J, Kieron, 2019

Looking at the image of Kieron, I feel it shows the peculiarness of my work to date with the camera obscura as the prominent feature with the image which, makes the sitter in this case Kieron less prominent within the image so he almost blends into the background shelves. This may well make the viewer feel uncomfortable as they are unsure of the meaning of the overall image if it was viewed as a single image with no overall context of the other images.

With the collection of images and text, I feel you get a better context that just the individual image.

I feel this makes the project more readable to the viewer as it has the relationship to the other imagery and text.

My Ideas of my project have changed a fair amount over the last two weeks, I have new understanding of what other people read within the imagery that has been created and that I have used Icons to expand on the meaning of the individual images. This will help with the progression of the direction of the project.