Reflection: PHO702: Week 1. Informing Contexts

After playing catch up on week ones, reading a few of the recommended books and PDF from Szarkowski and dipping into Shore whilst trying to get my head back into Photography and the Optical Unconscious.

Published on the 5th February 2020

This has made me think even more If I am heading in the correct direction with my project?

I’m still very unsure of the overall message and what I want to actually portray in the imagery. I really need to focus this before I feel I can move on and understand how this can be read by other people viewing the images.

I have had ideas of working with people who are unable to leave the house for various reasons, which I have brought up in the past. As mentioned above I feel before I can approach these sorts of people my concept needs to be iron clad. I have also had ideas of adding portraiture and or adding objects within the room the camera obscura is set up in which are of importance to the sitter, I feel this will add a more personal depth to the projects and the overall images.

Not sure how the context of my practice sits with other visual practices and critical ideas

I have a lot to think about and will have a few one2ones to get my direction nailed down again before I can move forward.