Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2019

Today I managed to get up to see the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery

Published on the 6th February 2020

The exhibition was very good and got me thinking about my progress and the process of where I am with my project and who I can move on with it.

As I wandered from image to image exploring with than what we have been covering in the second week of this term of the MA. I then started to look at images in the analytic way of what we have discussed in the forums and in the webinars. The Iconic, Indexical and Symbolic signs of characteristics of the photographs.

The Image of Ron by Edna Bowe, and the text on the plaque about the image and photographer. It resonated with me with possible Indexical signs. The Plague mentions that Bowe has managed to capture ‘psychological intensity as the direction of the subject’s gaze suggests a dialogue between past and present.’

This could be the natural positioning of the subject, That Ron’s gaze is in this position. I also feel that it could be to do the conversion between photographer and subject to draw this emotion out or Bowe actually staging the shot by asking Ron to look in that direction.

Obviously this is something that the viewer of the image will never fully know and it does not draw away from the intensity of the portrait.


Image Source:  Bowe, E, 2018,Ron ,accessed Febuary 2020,<http://www.abelardomorell.net/project/camera-obscura/#jp-carousel-2220 (Links to an external site.)/>