Text and image

I have started to introduce text within my work.

Published on the 27th February 2020

I feel this will help add more context and understanding of the message I am trying to portray. I have been trying to work out how the text would fit best within my work.

I feel that the above images do not really work with the way the text has been added, at the time I thought it would work if I dropped to the opacity of the text so the image was more powerful. I converted an image to black and white to see if this would change the feel of the context and the text. This does not really work for me.

After a webinar with Michelle and my peers, the feedback was that the text needs to be more prominent, in my imagery. Handwritten could also give the work a more personal feel.

The light within the imagery will need to be less flat as well and consistent colour range, I am still shooting tungsten, I may have to use a fill-in light, which will take me away from the natural light process. I am unsure if this is the way I want to go at this moment in time. Or I shoot people predominantly in the daylight so the colour cast is the same?

This coming week I will look into the layout of imagery and text more and ask previous sitters if they can write some of the text out, so I have a basis to start from.


(fig1,2,3,4,) Hopes, J, 2020, Jen, Uploaded by author

(fig5,6,7,) Hopes, J, 2020, Drew, Uploaded by author