Week 4 Activity: Viewers Make Meaning

We were asked to select one new image from your current photographic practice – without any kind of explanatory text – that our peers have not yet seen, and post it this to this forum.

Published on the 20th February 2020

At the time of this activity. I did not have any new images, I posted an image that not everyone in the group had seen. I then removed the image for a newer image below.


Comments from my peers are below

Tim Stubbs Hughs:

“A working life and exploration of a very enclosed space. The artist (centre) and their tools of life around them. There are many sources of light (lamp in the background, street lamp, light under the figure on the table), all adding to a sense of a space being in a constant flux and transition. 

Daily life is mixed with a working / artistic life. 

Artist and Model possibly are the same. 

The Christmas tree is bare indicated early December or post-Christmas takedown. Or is a permanent growing feature.”


“The framing/angle makes me think this person is disorganised and unstructured in life , and I find myself asking why is the Christmas tree still up? The way the subject is in motion also adds to this.

It seems like the image is about an artist in the middle who lives a creative life , with sculptures and sewing machine around. I see a photo about a life that is lived for art.”

Raeann Cheung:

“I have looked at this image several times but cannot put a finger on what it is about. I feel I am looking at a struggling artist who is well-versed in her craft and is explaining a concept in her industry. The art on the left side of the photo could be her work or that of a roommate. The pants on the right hanging on the radiator indicates there is a need (or desire) to be energy conscious. The reflection of the light bulb on the window suggests there is no lamp shade on it–a luxury that’s not a priority. The plastic bags and trunk on the lower left reveals a bit of a hoarding nature; perhaps the subject is into collecting whatever she finds useful.

The lighting is a bit harsh to the eye…the yellowish green is a bit tiring to stare at, yet there is so much yellow wall space with nothing hanging on it. Perhaps the artist does not own anything to hang.

After all this rambling out loud, I am still baffled by the image’s message, so I think I’ll stop here…”

Reflection on peers comments:

After reading my peer’s views on my image, I don’t feel they actually understand the underlying context of what I am trying to get across with this image.

There are certain areas of the image that my peers understood, It was supposed to feel uncomfortable to make the viewer slightly anxious. It is a view into somewhere, that is not always pretty very much like the human mind.

I feel that adding text of the interview either on the image or in the portfolio/ zine would add to the context and people will be able to read that this person is or has been housebound for a period of time and is not able to venture outside to lead a normal life, which has a roll-on effect on what their internal space can look like.

I also feel that if this image was to sit within a set it would make more sense to the viewer. Such as a gallery or book.

The idea of showing these images in a Zine format is most likely the way I will present these images that are produced in this section on the Ma.


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