Week 4 Forum: So where is the Author Now?

We were asked to Identify 3 images/adverts where we experience a dominant / negotiated / oppositional reading

Published on the 15th February 2020

I chose the three below.

Dominant: Smoking is extremely harmful even the Marlboro man can get emphysema and lose a lung. 

i miss my lung bob.jpg

Cushing, J. 1999, I miss my lung, Bob

Negotiated:  We can do this, we can help nature and save this planet. Oh wait! Its sponsored by Ford who’s cars are a big part of the cause of the problem.


JWT agency,  2011, Monkey

Oppositional: This hair dryer can make all your hair fall out.

phillips cancer.jpg

Ted Bates Agency, 1972, Panasonic hairdryer


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