Week 5 Forum: Fascinating Looks

My gaze, hmm!? This has taken me a while to work out, still not sure I have.

Published on the 26th February 2020

At this moment in my present work, I feel my gaze is partially as the viewer, As I tend to let the subject do as they please with no direction from myself as if I am just a bystander looking in through a window into their world. I guess this has always been my style of shooting and connecting with subjects. I Have started to bring in more direction, on a shoot. I would not want to class myself as a voyeur but, I also see the voyeur side of my work. I want to know what is behind things, what’s through the window. I am drawn to the unknown as most humans/photographers are. I have tendencies to explore a subject and subject matter in a compulsive way.  To try and get the understand and get the most from the subject and the subject matter.   

(fig 1)

I feel that my current practice ‘ Housebound’ is a mixture of construction of knowledge of the situation and understanding of the subjects as a person, not an object, One without the out other can lead to the images being read in different contexts.  I photograph my sitters as truthful as I can to try and get the struggle they are having or have had across to the viewer. I feel I am also the viewer as well as the photographer. 


Hopes, J , Drew, 2020, uploaded by Author.