Zine Research

After chatting to Steph in a one 2 one, I believe the Zine would work really well for my portfolio for this section.

Published on the 10th February 2020

I have started to do a little research into what are the different ways to create a zine and what I will need to know before starting out.

  • Zine size. – Good to decide this before I start.
  • How many pages will I want – unsure yet, too early in the project
  • The way the layout is formatted – mixture of text and image
  • Make the zine myself – could be possible
  • Get professionally made – could be possible
  • If professionally made what formatting requirements will they need – unsure till made decision

Information videos about zine creation

This is just a starting point, I have to shoot more images before I get near the stage of zine development. I feel it is good to get an understanding of the process a little before I chose to do it 100%.


PSDboy(2018)How to Make Your Own Art Zine / Book in Adobe Photoshop. [online video] Available at:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TfLO3mnk6bY [Accessed 10/02/2020]

Olivia and Pindot(2018)Risograph Photoshop Booklet Zine Layout Tutorial | olivia and pindot. [online video] Available at:
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