Colour grading

I have been looking a little more into Colour grading

Published on the 5th March 2020

I have been told by peers and tutors that my work is fairly cinematic. Over the past six weeks, I have mainly been shooting with tungsten film and digital settings.

I feel that the tungsten comes out very flat and does not give the image the correct lighting. I have digitally changed an image in Capture One to see what it would look like whilst using different lighting settings.

The three images are graded as below.

  • Top – Tungsten, picks up natural blue light and slight yellow of lights in the room, But blue light is more prominent. The image becomes very flat
  • Middle – Daylight, picks up the yellow light of the room much more than tungsten and mutes the blue light. The image becomes very yellow overall
  • Bottom – Mixture of the two. This image is an overlay of the tungsten and daylight in photoshop. I feel this image works well with the mixture of both lighting sources.

I don’t really want to go down this digital path as the original plan was to shoot the whole process on 120 film, which I would not have this option. For me, the third image is the strongest though and It is a process that would make all images have a relating cinematic feel. I do need to go back to thinking if it is possible to make the third kind of image without that much post-production. This would be possible with lighting, but again I wanted to use natural light.


(fig1,) Hopes, J, 2020, Drew, Uploaded by author