Week 6 Forum: Are You Drowning Yet?

I view photographic media in a few different formats, books, Zines, Prints, Galleries. For a day today, it has to be Instagram as the main way I view Images at this moment.

Published on the 4th March 2020

I’m a heavy user of Instagram, I have three accounts running for different areas of my work a commercial page, a personal page, and film photography and now masters relating page. I feel it was better to keep them separate than bringing them into one account. I also follow three different types of Instagram users from these three different pages. I guess this happens from what is being posted on what page, you tend to follow people who pop up in the Instagram algorithm.

When I started using Instagram It was to share images with the world like I had done with Flickr before, my personal account was full of just daily images that I thought looked good, As I now use it for business promotion as well It has changed the way I post on all my pages. I do not use Instagram as a personal daily life like a lot of people do.


(fig 1)

This was the first account I have had this account four around four or five years. It is a vert transient account; it has various stuff in it. More like a personal blog of images and videos. When I used to paint it was a way of showing my work and promoting my work. I did actually get a few commissions from Instagram which is quite surprising as I know how it works with a business on it trying to build up a following and create custom.  I would upload at least three or four times a day, showing working in progress, in a way it had become more of a visual blog for me.

Commercial Page

(fig 2)

This page is mainly for advertising my work for clients and behind the scenes images and trying to get coverage as a commercial photographer, I feel with this side of Instagram you need to be on a daily or at least weekly uploading so it actually works and you gain followers and acknowledgment. I don’t really feel it works as a medium to bring me work. I have never gotten any photography work via Instagram, work usually comes via my website or word of mouth.

Film/MA page

(fig 3)

This page has grown into a thinking board really for me, somewhere I kind of dump images that relate to what I am doing with the MA and if I have shot anything on film the I feel is in some way of a relation to what I am creating. It helps me see my images in different contexts and mediums. This also has become a sort of visual blog of my work, like an extension of the CRJ.  For me, in that aspect, it works well to document work.

Instagram for a lot of people is about chasing instant gratification, “woo! someone liked my image, I must do another one and I will get more followers” As it was for me before I used it as a business promotional platform. I used to chase the likes and upload what I could to get more followers. It’s more of an addiction to people than a medium to show work I feel nowhere days. I tend not to post stuff on it as much as I used to. I feel with this kind of social platform, It has its limits and is not very healthy over long periods of time. You also have no security over your work.

For my project, I have been thinking about producing a zine, it is more tactile and It would work better with the layout of my work. The issue with a zine is getting it out to the masses and the cost of creation.


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