Zine Research 2

Looking at the layout of zines and how images and text work within the same space

Published on the 2nd March 2020

This week is mainly been looking into image and text relation, And if Handwritten text works better than typed text.

(fig 1)
(fig 2)

Both are very powerful in their own right and could add to my work, As previously mentioned, personally I feel the handwritten would be much more personal to the imagery. It’s not only the relation of the text and image, but it is also in the context of the text gets the point across. Is less text more?

Its also about image layout and who this will affect the text on the page and vice versa. When I look at Jim Goldberg’s work I feel that he has managed to incorporate this balance in his work. Whilst the text adds to the imagery It also works within context and layout of the imagery on the page.

I found a few different styles of layouts for zines online.

I’m not sure if they are any use to me as of yet. I will have to do more research in this area still.


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