Art reproduction

Photographic Reproduction

Located in the Hove, the studio is easily accessible for dropping off your artwork. 

Service Cost:

Full Frame Digital Reproduction:

Under 5 – £25 per piece
5 – 15 – £20 per piece  
15 – 25 – £15 per piece  
25 – 35 – £10 per piece  

Shot Canon 5d mk 3 full-frame and adjust in RAW files so you are ensured the highest definition images and exact duplication of the original piece.

Medium Format Film Reproduction:

Under 5 – £35 per piece
5 -15 – £30 per piece  
15 – 25 – £25 per piece  
25 – 35 – £20 per piece  

Shot on 120film on a Mamiya RZ67 Pro II medium format camera, The negative is then professionally developed and scanned (usually a week turn around).  Then is either edited to your specifications or sent onto your printer

We do work with a few different print houses if you are looking for someone to print your work we can advise at no charge.

If you have multiple items to shoot in a single session over thirty five or would like to arrange regular repeat use of this service then I would be happy to discuss a discount.

We also offer an Art collection/ drop off service depending on size and location – £5

For artwork delivered to the studio before 11 am, we aim to have your completed digital images back to you within 48 hours in whatever format and resolution you require. Medium format film images take four days to a week to be returned. Artwork can often be collected sooner

Feel free to drop me a call or email with any inquiries

Tel: +447815757157